Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today was an incredibly busy day. So far, we have gone on two dives, and we still have another one tonight! This morning we went to the Chimneys and ate breakfast on our way there. There were a lot of very cool canyons to swim through. There was a stingray that swam 5 feet away from one of the two groups. We saw a barracuda. As soon as our tanks were filled, we dove at the coral gardens. There was a race between Second Wind and us to get the good mooring ball, and we won. As soon as we descended, there was a wreckage of an airplane. It had been placed there for a documentary after crashing on Tortola in the ’70s. We were all allowed to swim through it cause it had been stripped of its seats. When we left the airplane wreckage, we swam around the reef and saw tons of barracuda and stingray. After surfacing, the compressor was turned back on, and we had mac and cheese with chili for lunch. We left soon after lunch and came back to where we originally started the day. We raced Second Wind again to get a good mooring ball at Mountain Point. Second Wind beat us, but today is Tina’s birthday, so she pulled that card, and they left us the good mooring. We were allowed to go snorkel to go check out our night dive location. We saw an awesome pufferfish and loads of black urchins. We snorkeled into a smaller secluded pool, and there were tons of minnows. As soon as we saw a moon jelly, we swam back to the boat. We had veggie burgers for dinner and are about to go on our night dive. Today has been tiring, but the best day so far.