Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

This morning we woke up and had cereal then sailed off to our first dive side, the Chimneys, where we all dove down in a line through the trench and identified some sea critters. We then got a little time to relax and study. After that, we moved around the corner to our second dive at a sunken airplane wreck, which appeared in a movie. We looked at the fish around, and inside the wreck, then everyone played games at our safety stop like ninja and rock, paper, scissors (and danced the Macarena!). Then we had a very orange lunch of mac n’ cheese. Then we went to our study groups to go over our work. Then we had showers before having dinner of beef stroganoff and spicy toast. Now after having a boat dance party with an amazing sunset, we are going to work on Lifeworks stuff and maybe dance a little bit more!