Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today started with a major Taylor Swift jam session (mainly led by the girls). Sam was kind enough to then cook us amazing French toast, helped of course by our sous chef of the day, Weston. After our briefing, the Rescue divers had our first search and recovery test. We all felt incredibly proud of ourselves when we managed to find the plastic crab and weight belt previously hidden by the instructors! In the meantime, the boats’ Neptune divers had been keeping themselves busy with fish identification — the coolest find of the day was definitely the long jaw squirrelfish! After the dive, we moseyed our way down to Leverick Bay to peruse the delightful wares of local shops and eateries. After our time ashore, we motored to Vixen Point, where the Neptunes had a boat dive lecture, and the Rescues learned how to save lives with our beautiful and talented EFR instructor Tina. After some games on the beach and discovering an algal bloom of silica “sea shards” (name coined by Amy), we returned to the boat to change for tonight’s beach party.