Location: Saba

The day started after breakfast; Britt dropped us off at the start of the Ladder. The Ladder used to be the only way on to the island of Saba and consists of very steep, old, concrete, and stone steps. The group that hiked up the ladder was Matt, Marco, Christian, Griff, Kris, Jane, and I. Brit, Alex H., and Billy went scuba diving, while Alex C. got a lot of shore time, as he was unable to hike. When our hiking group finally reached the top of the ladder we were drenched in sweat, little did we know what we had coming. We walked through a small town called Bottom to get to another path. It seemed like every path lead to another path. Finally, we got to the turn that would either take us up Mount Scenery or to Windward. As we started, we were moving fast, but as we kept going, things started getting harder. We were all sweating, and it seemed the uphill stairs and trail would never go down (they didn’t). After an hour or two, we finally reached the top, and we all felt very satisfied with ourselves and the 1,064 steps we just walked up. We sat on the top of Mount Scenery, even though it was too cloudy to see anything below, enjoying the cool breeze. Eventually, it started raining; everyone had to take shelter with leaves they broke off except Kris and me, as we brought rain jackets. We headed down and the algae and dirt made everything extremely slippery. Everyone slipped a little at least once. We reached the bottom and headed over to Windward where we met up with everyone and enjoyed a delicious lunch. We headed back to the boat extremely tired; Kris gave us a sail chat about types of PFDs, fire extinguishers, and safety equipment. We ate some dinner and headed to bed. A lot was accomplished in one day.
From the divers: We had a great two-tank dive with a dive company in Saba. First, we went on the other side of the island, which they rarely go to because of the swell, but today was an extremely calm day. It was a great wall dive that was full of coral growth and life, and it was a relatively deep dive to 100 feet. After about an hour surface interval, we went around to the other side of the island for our second dive on an amazing coral system. It was also another small wall without cove we could swim through. As we were first descending, we saw a blacktip reef shark, followed by eels, barracudas, lionfish, and two turtles to end the dive. One that Alex even got a selfie with! We were a little later getting back to Fort Bay than expected, but we got a taxi ride up to Windward, and all devoured the Meanest Burger in Town, which was a great cheeseburger with the fixings, include bacon & an over-easy egg! Not to mention a plate full of fries, needless to say, we were quite hungry after two dives! It was an amazing day, and we all feel so lucky to have been able to have enjoyed such a great location of the underwater world.