Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was a crazy fun day that had quite a bit of excitement. It was awesome waking up to our staff, telling us to set up our dive gear and get ready to dive a fascinating dive. When we got to the bottom of the reef, our objective was to closely observe different fish and be able to identify it through a fish book when we reached the surface. This made me focus a lot harder on different types of fish. Doing so, I spotted a weird looking shrimp cleaning fish’s mouth, a spotted moray eel, and a gigantic lobster, When we finished our dive, we quickly put our gear away and sailed to Leverick Bay. We all went to an insanely good restaurant that served the best burgers I have ever had, It was also nice to have some beach time on the port, and we got a sweet beach ball for our boat. After that refreshing stop, we headed over to Vixen Point for a beach party! But before we got showered, we got to snorkel the mangroves, which had tons of cool stuff like upside-down jellyfish, barracuda, sea cucumbers, etc. I saw my first stingray! When that was over, we showered back at the boat, and I got my first kill in our assassin game followed by another shortly after. There’s about six more of us left. It’s about to get intense. Now we are getting ready for the beach partayyyy; it should be fun. Today was definitely a good day.