Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was AMAZING! It is literally PARADISE here!! We kicked off the day with milk and cereal for breakfast, and as soon as that was over the Carinas set off to their navigation dive, and the Vegas went snorkeling in the mangroves. The water here is extremely clear (it looks like blue Gatorade!), and you can see every.little.thing! During this snorkel trip I saw many little silver fish, a sea turtle (that was totally awesome!), a baby barracuda, and many more fish! After the snorkel trip we all headed back to the boats, met up with the Carinas, windsurfed, Pico sailed, hung out, and swam. Then lunch came around and we had Ramen noodles, salad, and PB+J. After we ate like complete animals, it was time to wakeboard, waterski, and kneeboard. I went wakeboarding and tried kneeboarding, now I know how to do all three! It was soooo much fun! After all the super fun watersports we all went on an IC24 and learned to sail and navigate the waters. That was also very fun! After a long, fun-filled day on and in the water, we all headed back to the Prosecutor for showers to get ready for our beach BBQ on Prickly Pear Island! The Prosecuties, along with our fab staff, are superbly excited! It’ll be a night filled with yummy food, awesome music, lots of people, and dancing!