Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was a BIG sailing day! We woke up to the smell of French toast, and then we went on our way. We had been in Savanna Bay for two nights, and then we sailed to the beautiful Anegada! It took us around 3 hours to sail from Savannah Bay to Anegada. Almost the entire time we were on a beam reach point of sail. This meant that the wind was hitting our beam, the widest part of the boat. We, Sambamba, were the last boat to leave the bay and were quite distant from the rest of the boats on sail side B. With our mainsail hoisted all the way up and our jib raised, we overtook two boats! Once we got to Anegada, it was so pretty! The water was turquoise, and the sand was very white. We went to the beach for swimming along with the rest of sail side B. It was a lot of fun to see/meet people from the other boats. After about an hour of fun and games on the beach, it was time to sail back to Virgin Gorda. We sailed back to a place called Vixen Point. Vixen Point is a place that is almost inside the sound. Here we tied up with three other boats to form a raft near the beach. We will be spending a day here with tomorrow being another rotation day! Talk to you tomorrow!