Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

We awoke to a beautiful, vibrant sunrise. Within a few minutes, we were off the mooring ball and underway to our first dive site on Great Dog. It was named “The Chimneys” in honor of their chimney-like rock formations. We arrived and immediately began our excursion. Surrounded by exotic fish, coal, and invertebrates, I spotted angelfish, a pufferfish, a flamingo tongue, and others that I have yet to identify. We came to a trench with coral covered walls. We swam through one by one. After we surfaced, we motored around the island to Coral Gardens, where we dove an airplane wreck. This unnatural object has become a natural habitat covered in coral and teeming with beautiful fish. On the way out, we saw several barracudas. We motored back to Mountain Point over a lunch of macaroni and cheese. When back on the Mountain Point mooring ball, we decided to accommodate a few snorkelers in another boat that needed a mooring ball and had an adventure of rafting. As soon as we were attached to Second Wind, the snorkelers left. We had our fish identification lecture while still attached to Second Wind for convenience’s sake and returned. We learned to drive dinghies and then ate a beef stroganoff dinner.