Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Good morning, good afternoon, or good evening. We started yet another beautiful day in the Caribbean with a rotation day. The Carinas went on their navigation dive at the Rhone cannon’s, and we were all able to navigate perfect squares! The Vegas snorkeled the mangroves while the divemasters read 80 pages. Leila wants me to say that the DMs hung around doing nothing but being awesome… lol. They also did an intense swim test. Vegas and Carinas got to waterski, monoski, and wakeboard, while DMs were hard at work. Some of us showed off our skills while others were able to get up for the first time. After this, we went windsurfing while the DMs squeezed in a quick wakeboarding session. During dinner, we noticed the island goats and decided to adopt one and name it Doug. At this precise moment, we are doing boat appreciation, BA! Aka scrubbing every inch of the boat. We are doing this all for the delicious brownookies (cookies in brownies). We send our love from Vixen Point. Ahoy mateys.