Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was my favorite day so far! We woke up later than usual which was nice even though it was only about 7:10. We quickly dressed and ate breakfast then left Astrid to go waterski. I had so much fun getting back up on skis after about two years. Our instructor was fun and taught us tricks to ski easier. I was on a ski boat with Manuel and Zach. After we each had a turn, we came back to Astrid and relaxed for a few minutes until we left again for the beach. A few people volunteered to windsurf first while the rest of us played an intense game of beach volleyball. We met and played with Mike’s kids, Joshua and Kai. They were so cute and fun! After our game of volleyball, we jumped into the water where we talked and messed around for a while. It was so refreshing. Everything we see here is so beautiful, and our boat is so much fun, I never want to leave. After plunging in the water, I attempted windsurfing for the first time. Jason, the instructor, was very encouraging, but I still probably looked funny trying to balance and catch some wind at the same time. After that, we ate lunch at talked about everything we had done. I feel like we exercised so much, it feels good. After lunch, we (all the open water scuba divers) went snorkeling while the advanced divers went on a dive. I saw a bunch of cool plants and colorful fish. We had an underwater flipping contest. Then we had some free swim time, showered, and ate dinner. Soon we have a sail chat. Happy birthday to my sister tomorrow! This one is for Frankie who is my British twin. Insert selfie from 40 degrees. Grr. Eli tells bad jokes. The waffle!! Get the dragon and wild boars, but save the fairies… the end.