Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Hello, day 6, reporting from Vixen Point after four hours of sailing, visiting one of the most beautiful beaches, showering, eating, and drinking some water. Every day is a new adventure, and today was a unique one. After breakfast I realized I was the skipper of the boat, and sailing we go with the strong winds of the BVI and all the beautiful mountains surrounding, and suddenly, we arrived to flat land, in other words, the beautiful island of Anegada, the beach in this island kept reminding me of the DR, my home, mi casa, for its clean, crystalline waters. After two hours of having a picnic on the beach, playing tag, and admiring how beautiful this place was, sadly, but really sadly, we had to part ways with this natural beauty. Mateo and I fell asleep on the way to Vixen Point, and here I am sitting down on a 50-foot monohull, learning on a rope, and making an effort to write an interesting blog for you guys, and you get into my shoes. As evident, I am alive!