Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today we woke up early as the previous days. The French Toasts were made for breakfast. They were very delicious. Then we went snorkeling, which was amazing fun. It took 30 minutes. After that, we returned to our boat. We were getting ready to go wakeboarding. Some of us did wakeboard, some of us did waterski, and some of us did kneeboard. While we were wakeboarding, we saw two amazing turtles! They were so big. I hadn’t seen them before. Then we returned to our boat and ate lunch which was sandwiches. After we ate lunch, we washed the dishes. Everyone did their job. Then we did windsurfing. Actually, we tried to do windsurfing. Most of us prefer to sit on the beach and hang out. I did the best tack I had ever done. Then we swam back to our boat. Then Patrick taught us several knots. After that, some of us showered while Vegas were taught another session. Then we ate dinner. Overall it was a super amazing day. It’s totally one of the memorable days. We had a great time and experienced different things, like seeing turtles. I wish that every day will be like that, and our relationships will get closer. I really like this crew!