Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today has been a very productive day. Once we had breakfast and finished setting up our gear, Jon drove us over to the dive site. The highlight of the dive was swimming through the cabin of a sunken airplane. The way the coral grows on the roof and our bubbles hover around it looks cool. Fish hanging around the wreck included a small grouper, an Alamo jack I got to swim with, and a big school of goatfish. We then got back to the boat and had mac n’ cheese for lunch. The second dive we did was by ourselves with our buddies, and it was super fun. Margaret and I got to see a bunch of barracuda, some boxfish, and a pretty big angelfish. Today we also had a fish id chat with all of the Neptunes and Dolphins. I think that it helped me feel surer of my knowledge of fish. To end the day, the entire boat went out on the trampoline to have a Lifeworks session, which I feel brought all of us a lot closer together. I am very happy to be on the boat I’m on with all of these cool people and amazing staff. It’s difficult to think that it’s only day 6 and I’m so close with everybody here.

I’m looking forward to the rest of the program and can’t imagine it ending.