Location: Vixen Point, Prickly Pear

Today started waking up to Sam blasting Justin Beiber through the speakers. After a small breakfast of cereal, the Rescue divers went for our search and recovery dive where we saved the lives of two innocent plastic fish while everyone else went for their naturalist dive. We then took a short ride over to Leverick Bay for some shore time which meant returning to “twitterverse” for a couple of hours; they were not wasted. We then made our way to Vixen Point for some beach games and a long saltwater shore where, thankfully, we were able to swim for almost a full hour without the jellyfish. Now all of the girls are putting on makeup in preparation for tonight’s party while Sam teaches us, boys, how to spin fire. Pretty soon we’ll be off to the party where Benji will be leading a dance-off. Paaaartaaaay!