Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today we woke up bright and early at 6:30 and ate a breakfast of oatmeal while underway to the beautiful Baths. We were joined by the rest of dive side and half of sail side. We got to explore the rocks, jump off the rocks, and dive into air pockets hidden in rocks. Everyone had a blast here! Around 1:30, we made our way back to the boat and, once aboard, took brief Hibiclens showers. Freshwater, finally! We then motored over to Spanish Town, where we got to spend a couple of hours at port. We all got to have lunch at Bath and Turtle, where they had a special AQ menu waiting for all of us. Let me tell you, that was one delicious lunch! We got to explore the town and call home before heading back to our boats. We left the docks and set sail for Mountain Point. There weren’t enough mooring balls, so we tied up to Therapy and get to raft with them tonight. We got a quick briefing before we hopped into the water for our second rescue training session. Once we finished that, we got to snorkel around Mountain Point, where we scouted the area for our night dive tonight. We all then got out of the water and dried off and ate a dinner of veggie burgers, mashed potatoes, and baked beans. We’re currently in the middle of dinner cleanup and will be setting up our dive gear for our first night dive of the trip! So exciting! We miss everyone at home tons and can’t wait to see you all!