Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today has been a fantastic day. It started with going to the Baths, which have a sad story but are very fun to explore. We jumped off the highest rocks and swam under others to get to our pockets. After coming back to the boat and showering, we went to Spanish Town, where we had great meals and got to get back in touch with friends and family back home. We also had our second rescue practice, where we practiced saving divers from boats in several different ways. Laurel and I did our best to challenge each other, but we did end up saving one another. Our boat is rafting with Mahi for the night, and it’s very fun to get to interact with people from other boats. We had dinner, our squeeze, and got ready for our first night dive of the trip. Chloe and I saw a lot of squirrelfish, scarlet ladies, banded butterfly-fish, and huge sea urchins. Overall it was an awesome, action-packed day.