Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

We started off the day with a bang! An out of the ordinary breakfast was made by one of our shipmates- crepes with Nutella. We enjoyed it to the fullest and continued on to our snorkeling and scuba diving with full and happy stomachs. We saw many cool creatures and beautiful underwater scenery. Viewing the amazing aquatic life was life changing and inspired us to explore further. When our underwater adventure was over, we made our way to waterskiing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding, and Pico sailing. We tried it all! You would think we would be tired after such a busy and fun packed morning… and we were, but that didn’t stop us from continuing our activities for the rest of the day. After that, we sailed from Mountain Point to Vixen Point, the wind in our faces, and the cool breeze was great! But what was really fantastic was the gorgeous beach we tied to for the night. It was definitely the cherry on top of the yummy ice cream sundae.