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Today I had to wake up at 6 am because we were going to another location. It was about 15-30 minutes away. I had to bring up the anchor and the secondary anchor, wake the engineer/mate and navigator so I know where we are going, and get a little bit more help. When we got to the destination, we ate breakfast and had our second dive day. It was amazing to dive because I didn’t get scared like I did the first day, so I was able to understand the underwater signs and exercise. Then around 11 am to 1 pm we did waterskiing, and it was really fun even though I was not able to get up yet again. We had lunch afterward, and we had to sail the boat to another place that we were gonna spend the night at. We had an amazing dinner, which was cheddar broccoli pasta. The whole day and the previous days also, I appreciate having to meet people who make sure that I’m okay and help with something that I don’t know or just forgot, and that awesome that people you don’t know very well, they will give you a hand so you can be in a good spot.