Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

We’re onto day 5 and show no signs of slowing down the enthusiasm that has sailed with us since the start of this journey. Once we all finished chowing down on a bunch of bagels, we managed to pull out of Savannah Bay and start our sail towards Tortola, stopping in Rhodes Town for provisions like food and fresh water. We all spent the next five hours sailing towards mountain point on Virgin Gorda, practicing our tacking, raising the main sheets, piloting the boat, talking about a number of topics, and singing along with all the other shipmates. Our lunch mainly consisted of PB and J sandwiches and fruit, all the while snacking on Pringles during our sailing. We will each probably have to go to shore on day 7 to restock on many different snacks. Whether or not we’ll share the snacks is to be seen. Dinner was just served; we shall have Stroganoff this night and shall rest well through the night to a rotation day tomorrow.

Best wishes from the salt-soaked crew of the Blind Ambition!