Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today was a day of exploring the unknown. My crew-mates and I learned all the basics for sailing. We learned how to drive dinghies, tie knots for docking, waterski, wakeboard, windsurf, and the steps to uncover the world below the surface by scuba diving. My favorite part so far was sailing for 5 hours with my crew, but the real adventure is just beginning. I am having a once of a lifetime trip. I am meeting people from all over the world, and even though we speak many different languages, we somehow all manage to come together sail, and bond. The landscape is 24/7 always beautiful and the experience I could’ve never had if I wasn’t traveling through ActionQuest. The counselors are wonderful and truly make the trip like no other, but my fellow students make the trip lively in every way possible for 21 days- they are my family, and I can’t imagine a different crew because then I wouldn’t have an exciting, amazing adventure. I loved the first rotation day because I could get to try new things, and that’s what the whole trip is about.