Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

The day started off great (after an exhausting night dive) with fruit and scrambled eggs. That gave us the energy for our morning dive down to see the airplane wreck. It was incredible! The water was a little choppy, but we all made it in one piece before descending down to see our first wreck. When we found the plane, it looked like a small commercial airplane skeleton covered in coral, home to hundreds of fish. After admiring the outside, each one of us swam through the cabin and the cockpit before looking at the rest of the reef. It was a perfect start to the day, and soon after we resurfaced, we sailed to dive The Visables. None of us – including the staff – had dove this particular site before, so it was definitely an adventure. When we descended, we were met with rolling hills of beautiful corals and incredible marine life! We saw so many fish, including parrotfish and a whole swarm of barracuda. We also were able to hold a sea biscuit and a crab while underwater before reemerging. After the dive, we were met with a satisfying meal of mac’n’cheese before we met with the other boats in our program to discuss our underwater naturalist specifications. After finishing the lecture and returning to our boat, we salt-water showered and ate dinner. It was a satisfying end to a great day!