Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was most definitely an early morning for Changes! Anchors went up at 6:30 am, or that is what was supposed to happen. Our anchor was stuck! We managed to free our anchors due to our hard-working staff members; then we were off to my favorite place to be in the entire BVI. We had arrived at the Baths and were all ready to explore. This, by far, is the most beautiful view, and I’m fortunate that I’ve gotten to see it so much. I met up with my inseparable partner in crime, Emelia, and we were off to go mango hunting. We ended up bringing back seven ripe, “delish” mangos. We both had one and a half and gave one away to Monika since she couldn’t come with us. After, we climbed up on the jumping rock and dove right into the crystal clear Caribbean water. My goal this year was no scratches or injuries from the Baths since I’m so accident prone. Well Mom, no injuries. No scratches or bruises… this time. After our wonderful time there we set our sails for Spanishtown. Not much but the usual for port eating, shopping, going to the market, and getting ice cream. Once everyone was back on board, we headed to Vixen Point, where we showered, had dinner, and everyone has been working on their diving bookwork. We all are missing home, but having the time of our lives. Day 5 down, 16 more to go!