Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today, everyone awoke to the sweet smell of muffins and eggs. After our pre-dive briefing, we hopped into the beautiful blue waters of the Chimneys. The groups divided up, and we started our research. We counted all the common types of fish and also divided them by size. After seeing all the colorful species, we hopped out and sailed to the plane crash. Full of excitement, everyone quickly swam down and took a ton of pictures. Aboard a delicious lunch was awaiting us. We studied for our research projects and certifications while also taking in all of the amazing sights the islands have to offer. Finally, we sailed to mountain point and had a fish identification lecture. A few of us went water skiing while the others took much-anticipated showers. Now we are all laying out and around the boat waiting for dinner and later a Lifeworks Chat. Everyone has turned into a big, crazy family, and we are all having the times of our lives.