Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Waking up to a beautiful tangerine sky and peaceful swaying music, we chowed down on some much-anticipated oatmeal but not before stumbling around like half asleep zombies. After breakfast, we quickly turned our cockpit from soupy mess to Ikea clean before going underway as we sailed down to the Baths. Upon arrival, we got into Rango and jumped in the ocean for a brisk swim to shore. Seeing the Baths up close was amazing. These rocks tower out of the water and sand two or three stories, creating caves and tunnels to crawl through as you search for fish and seashells, entranced in what Mitch declares “the most beautiful part of the BVI.” After docking in Spanishtown and inhaling a delicious meal, we explored the market area near the docks, collecting souvenirs and replenishing our stock of Oreos and chips- an essential part of every shipmate’s diet. Chillin out is by far one of the best parts of the day and after mashed potatoes, veggie burgers and beans, we hung out for a while before our dive chat and knowledge review, which is not the most exciting part of the day but is essential to fulfilling our goal of obtaining our scuba certification.