Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was such a spectacular day! It was jam-packed with activities to keep everyone moving. For my shipmates and I, we began the day with a breakfast of cereal and fruit. Then we split up in smaller groups to start the rotation day. Rotation days allow everyone the opportunity to participate in new and different activities. My group and I began the day with scuba diving at the Mountain Point site. It was, by far, the most amazing thing I have ever seen. We went about 30 feet and were able to see so far. The sea appeared endless. We were able to go into a small cave and see a large school of fish circling us. After we were swimming back to the ascent line, we saw a huge lobster hidden between two rocks. It was amazing! The second rotation was wakeboarding and kneeboarding. My group was doing some really cool tricks while kneeboarding. We then had sandwiches for lunch before going to our third and final rotation. We practiced emergency man overboard procedures with Bob the fender. Bob was thrown from the stern of the boat while we were sailing along. Despite the fact that we had only been introduced to three new people from a different boat minutes before, we worked really well together to save Bob. The group did an amazing job, and we were able to get through everything very quickly. We then picked up the rest of the group and said goodbye to the other sailors. We began our trip to Vixen Point. We were cruising along with people on the bow catching the waves and people relaxing and talking. The sail was amazing! I hope for strong winds like we had today for the majority of the trip. Tonight we learn more about sailing at the sail chats. We’re excited to learn and continue the journey tomorrow!