Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today was an extremely fun and adventurous day. It started with a hot breakfast of oatmeal then to pulling out the sails towards the Baths. We all had a lot of fun climbing up and down the large rocks. We also jumped off the rocks into the water. After we all took a short dinghy ride back to our boat where we motored over to Spanish Town. We had lunch at the cafe, bought some snacks at the supermarket and looked around in the shops. When we left, we took out the jib and sailed over to Mountain Point. When we arrived, we had to work on attaching the boat to the mooring ball. Everyone was saying “third time’s a charm” when it took us many tries to attach the boat to the mooring line. But . . . It really took us four times, with a new saying: “fourth time’s the charm.” We all got ready to go snorkeling and jumped in the water with our fins and masks. During our swim, we saw many sea urchins, a spine of what might have been a whale and a turtle. We then ate dinner and geared up for our first night dive. We saw an octopus! Now we are having brownies!