Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today was, without a doubt, an extremely fun-filled day. When we rose from our cabins, hammocks, or blue lagoon, we sat down in the cockpit and feasted on flavorful cereal. After assuming a great amount of energy, we set out to do our assigned activities. Vegas, Barracudas, and Carinas had a different schedule. The Vegas began the day learning how to windsurf. This was a very special opportunity for me because my brother did it when I was younger. I recall observing him do it, and I was amazed. Ian helped my group get on the board. I completely loved it! I caught on rather quickly with the help of Ian. That early activity was definitely a great experience. After windsurfing, my group walked over to the other side of the beach to learn some tips for diving. The gear was heavier than Sambamba herself. After diving, the best part of the day. Well, first, we had delicious tuna sandwiches for lunch. Now my group was ready to kneeboard. We were split into groups, and my group was made of Kuhao, Lane, and Casper. Lane began with a very entertaining run on the board. Now it was my turn. I was in the water, breathing heavily, with the board on my chest. Smudge began to speed up on the dinghy. The waves were crashing hard at my face, the wind felt like Usain Bolt, but I thought to myself, “you only live once, that’s the motto, so YOLO.” I brought my knees up on the board, and I strapped myself very tight. I took hold of the rope and began to realize that it was just easier than passing kindergarten. I went for two runs, and it was one of the best experiences of my life. After I went, Kuhao made me look like trash by doing a 360. Then after that wonderful hour, we went hiking on the island known as Virgin Gorda. It was very exhausting and tiring, but the exquisitely beautiful view seen at the end of the hike was worth it. We have just returned and showered from the hike. I am very overwhelmed by the fact that the best parents in the world sent me to such a fun camp. I am so ready and excited for whatever our schedule holds. The future of this camp will be extremely filled with great activities.