Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

After an early start and a brisk breakfast, we braved ourselves for the approaching storm approaching the baths, which are large, naturally formed boulders that are great to traverse. Being the optimist that Second Wind is, we naturally ignored the thunder and black clouds in exchange for swimwear and optimism. An added challenge was applied to the baths when a large number of moon jellies swarmed the water, preventing any of us from entering the water. Luckily it stayed dry, and we were able to reach the highest point. We then sailed to Spanish Town for a burger/ice cream/Nutella stop. After a short sail, we scouted out our night dive site, which involved an inventive game of twister to avoid jellies, in my case, to no avail. Due to the conditions, we had to postpone the night dive til tomorrow. This gave us the time to work on our specialties/work on our dance moves. It’s been a long day, but after a good supper and Lifeworks forum, we are all looking forward to tomorrow’s night dive and airplane wreck dive.