Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

We began our day early with a 6 am wake-up, which allowed us to get on our way by 6:30. Our first stop of the day was the Baths, a spot with incredible smooth rock formations. Here we met up with the rest of sail side A and explored the boulders and pools. It was an amazing two hours of excitement, jumping from rock to rock, that I will take with me after the voyage ends. Some girls from the boat brought their Go Pros, and we were able to take some amazing photos. Not only of the scenery but also try to capture the incredible time we were having. We headed back to the boat afterward and set sail for Spanish Town. Upon arrival, we were given back our phones, and everyone was able to talk to their families for the first time since our arrival. We were also able to put the docking skills we learned yesterday to use. In the (very) small town, the entire crew went out to lunch together. There were also a few small stores as well as a grocery store, where we picked up a few needed additions. By 12:30, we were off again, this time for Vixen Point (I drove, which was AMAZING). We then took a super quick ocean shower, which I have learned to love. After making ourselves squeaky clean, we joined the other boats to make a “raft.” The raft is when all four boats of sail side A connect their boats. We had a huge dinner of beef stroganoff, cleaned up, and then had our first sail chat. I personally look forward to tonight and having a fun night with all of the boats together. Today was another action-packed day of excitement; although an exhausting day, I know I will sleep well tonight!