Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

We thought that we had gotten up early- 5:30 am, but we came on deck to find Jake already positioning our boat for our second confined water dive of the trip. There was time for a quick breakfast of French toast, and then it was straight into our giant strides into the water. After running through several skills, it was back onto Zourite to prepare for waterskiing, though despite our best efforts in most of our cases, it was more like water- falling in. Fortunately, a ride in a 90 horsepower ski boat was there to cheer us up. As I was skipper for the day, I then had the pleasure of taking control of the 50ft boat for a sail to Vixen Point. While the destination was serene, the journey there was quite an experience- our boat got an unexpected down below redecoration from our heaving leaning. A dinner of pasta and broccoli was followed by a Lifeworks chat in the salon before we relaxed with cookies back on deck. To finish off, we were briefed for our sailing certifications through a sail chat with our instructors. After talking for a bit on the bow, most of us soon found our legs no longer able to support us, and we hit our pillows ready to go all over again.