Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was an amazing day in the British Virgin Islands. After a delicious breakfast, we headed out to our first rotation, which was wakeboarding in the beautiful ocean. Following the first rotation of the day, we had man overboard training. It was amazing to be steering the boat, giving you the responsibility to lead the entire crew. After everyone had their turn at the helm, we had lunch before we did our second confined water dive. We started our dive off of a boat for the first time into 12 foot water. After learning and perfecting the many skills we were taught, we explored the ocean floor seeing different species of fish and coral. After our dive came to an end, we started our trek to Vixen Point, which we arrived at after an hour and a half in the open ocean for the night. While members of the Vega program had an adventure-filled day, the Questers were basically saving the environment. They started their day with a hike to a deserted rocky beach on the south side of Virgin Gorda, where upon seeing the amount of plastic on the beach, realized how severe the plastic pollution is in the ocean. After an eye-opening experience on the beach, the Questers learned how to turtle tag, which is the process of putting a tag on a wild turtle to monitor its growth. Both the Questers and Vega program learned many new skills today, which will come in handy throughout the rest of our trip and in life. This was an amazing day full of fun, knowledge, and crew bonding!