Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today we woke up bright and early, excited for the big day we had ahead of us! We left Savanna Bay and sailed over to the Baths. Everyone couldn’t wait to explore the amazing rock formations and check out the views from the top. All the other boats from sail side A were there too, so we had the chance to see our other friends. After climbing up and taking tons of pictures, we went on a hunt for a rumored mango tree, which was found by our instructor Patino! We headed to the front beach and rode the dinghy back to the boat. After everyone was on board, we set sail for Spanish Town in Virgin Gorda. We got our boat docked, and all went to lunch, and most of us got burgers (which we’ve been craving!). We had some time to look around and shop in Spanish Town. Some of us bought ice cream, and extra snacks for the boat, and some bought souvenirs as well. At about two, we left Spanish Town and sailed for about two hours to Vixen Point. All sail side A boats rafted together and chatted amongst each other. Just before dinner, we got the chance to see some spotted eagle rays. For dinner, the chefs made stroganoff, and we all hungrily gulped it down. Today was a great day! And the entire boat is getting along just like a big family! We can’t wait for the adventures to come in the next 16 days left.