Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today we started our day bright and early. We woke with the boat moving, leaving the anchorage we had been at since yesterday morning. Hopeful, we ate breakfast in pursuit of an excellent day, but based on days past, we knew our efforts would be successful. We anchored in a new anchorage and set out to make the most of our glorious opportunities here at ActionQuest. We started the day with watersports, wakeboarding in brisk water with my captain. We completed waterskiing, at which point we proceeded to the next activity, which for me was snorkeling. I rather enjoyed watching the movement of almost 100 jellyfish. After which we returned to Changes, our beloved ship, to enjoy a restful luncheon. Later in the day, we set out on a wonderful sail with 30-knot winds. I quite enjoyed standing at the helm and steering us to our next beautiful destination.