Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Waking up today, the campers were greeted by a radiant sun. The feeling of warmth was quickly followed by a rustle of footsteps leading to the already crowded salon. To the delight of everyone, there were two chefs, Amber and Mike, hard at work. They were creating a masterpiece which consisted of fresh scrambled eggs and a warm tray of muffins. After devouring our hearty breakfast, the boat split up into two groups, made up of Dolphins and Rescue divers, we then got to enjoy a dive, to master our navigation and to help identify aquatic life. After the dive, we continued onto George Dog Island where we all were able to go on a fun dive to explore the area. We left George Dog with a full stomach of mac n’ cheese and continued all the way to Mountain Point. Once we arrived the Rescue divers practiced aiding divers in need of help and the Dolphins went to another boat to discuss an upcoming project about aquatic life research. As soon as we were all finished we rushed over to the boat Blue Venture to try an exciting rope swing tied off the boom. We returned to the boat ready to eat and finally take some time to relax. Today was one of the most fun, action-packed days yet!