Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was a relaxing but exciting day. We woke up early in the morning and immediately began sailing. About half an hour passed and our skipper explained to us that we were headed over to The Baths. He continued to tell us that the Baths was a place where slaves were bathed before sold. It was interesting to hear about this because we were all observant when going through the Baths. We spent about two hours at the Baths until we had to leave our next destination. On the way to our destination we were taught more info on sailing and even got to use the information and literally took up the helm! It was so cool how fast we were going and how every time we tacked we would go faster. We reached up to 8.6 knots of speed which was the the record of the boat. When we reached the beach we were finally allowed to swim in the ocean because there were no jellyfish. As soon as we were informed, the entire boat proceeded to literally do back flips off the boat and into the water. This was another of our numerous bonding moments that brings us closer together. We were all having such a great time it was almost impossible to end our fun. When it was over we all got ready for dinner. We had veggie burgers tonight, which I thought would be awful but turned out to not be that bad. Our dinner conversations are always crazy yet interesting and tonight was no different. As we begin to wrap up our day, looking back on it, I think today went very well… except for breaking another plate. Soon we will have a dive chat and some peaceful, well needed and deserved sleep.