Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Day 5 of ActionQuest started with a bowl of cereal to fuel up for the long day ahead. Today was a rotation day, meaning that every two hours we would switch up an activity, so we could cover as much as possible. We started the day with a scuba chat in which we discussed different emergency situations we could be put in while diving. We then took a test on the subjects. Our next rotation was waterskiing, wakeboarding, and kneeboarding, as well as tying knots with an instructor. We learned how to tie knots because, to pass our sailing exams, we need to know how to tie 7 knots. We then ate lunch, consisting of chicken salad, PB+J, and honeydew melon. We were able to have 15 minutes for free time, which consisted of jokes on the boat and soaking up the first fully sunny day. Then we went on our final confined water dive. While training, we worked on emergency scenarios like running out of air, putting BCDs on in the water, and just some more basics. To the rotations, we headed to another boat for Zesting and (face masks from Aztec mud- my favorite part of the day). After we went back to Bavastro, ate dinner all together, and then enjoyed our squeeze. To end the night we watched the gorgeous orange, pink, and yellow sunset that painted the sky and glistened on the gorgeous blue water. After, we cleaned up from dinner and played a serious game of Uno and had a sail chat. Overall one of the best days of ActionQuest.