Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today at ActionQuest, we all sailed and dove. Advanced sailing owned the practice man overboard drills. The Vegas also sailed. We started the day off with watersports, which was followed by diving. The Vegas had their final confined water dive. The advanced divers freshened up on their skills, as well. After our lunch, we practiced man overboard drills. Then we sailed to Vixen Point. The instructors planned to raft today, but unfortunately, due to strong winds, we had to cancel. Our dinner was pasta and garlic bread. Following dinner, we had our squeeze, where we talked about our worst/best part of the day. After our wonderful dinner, we had our sail chats. The sail chats are used to teach us what to do on a boat. Finally, after our long day, we all went to bed on the front of the boat. We had so much fun!!