Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Wow! Today was an amazing day with Mahi Mahi! We all woke up to the morning CD so we could get an early start. First, we sailed to Virgin Gorda and the Baths. They’re an amazing piece of nature. After spending the early hours at the Baths, we sailed to Spanish Town, which was our first time going to the port. We refueled and got more water, and everyone called their friends and family. Later that day, we had an amazing sail to Mountain Point. The reef here is amazing. We went and snorkeled the site we will be night diving tonight. Everyone’s dive gear is all set up and ready to go. We are all super excited for our first night dive as a group. I’m especially excited to see huge tarpon like we saw last night. It looks like it’s time to go, dive, hasta luego!