Location: En route to Saba

Today started with rude awakenings from me, the skipper. I was kindly woken up by Gwen then woke the others bright and early, but everyone is always up early onboard thanks to Nick. After our 6:45 AM wake up, we ate our oatmeal and then just socialized, which to me, is one of the best parts of this trip. We then got dressed and headed out to wakeboard and water ski. It was so amazing to be about 6 inches from a coral reef and being able to see it so clearly in this water. We then returned to Offline and had our talk from Nick and Gwen about all the things we need to do before we break away tonight. Then we sailed from Savannah Bay to Spanish Town, where some friends and I met the most amazing, kindhearted, and interesting people. Aaron, Lauren, Anna, and I got off at Spanish Town, went and ate, called home, then broke off from the group with intentions of finding an amazing place for photos. While we searched, we met a couple of men from Trinidad. Seeing that one was drinking from a coconut, we brought him another, and he proceeded to crack it, rip it apart, break the inside, and then convinced all of us to eat and drink this amazing coconut…which was horrible! It was like drinking warm, old lemonade that had been sitting in the sun. It was gross. After he told us about living the dream with the nice people of the BVI, he took pictures of the four of us on one of our phones because this trip and these people I want to remember for the rest of my life. We then found a man playing a saxophone on the beach. The four of us talked to the man for a while and told him how good he was at playing, which made him smile from ear to ear. We took our pictures with him then went on our way. The pictures we took were beyond amazing and made all of us see how really amazing this trip is. We then headed back to the boat, where the supplies had been loaded for our journey. The group relaxed, showered, ate, and then got the boat ready to leave the others. Once we finished dishes and all those chores, we prepped all the lines and were told our watch teams…mine is with Nick and some pretty awesome people. Oh speaking of that, there couldn’t be better people to spend 21 days with than the people on this boat. Anyways we are now underway to Saba. It’s currently 18:30 PM, and we aren’t expected in till 10:00 AM, so about 14 to 15 hours of a nonstop sail with watch team shifts 3 hours on and off with our crews. Not only am I excited about this, but I’m interested in how we are all going to act on little sleep and if I will get seasick or not…let’s hope not. So currently, it’s hour one of this trip and of a very long, sleepless night ahead of the crew and me, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.