Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today we started off with a nice boat over to Spanishtown in Virgin Gorda. We boarded the dinghies in anticipation of our trip to the Baths, a labyrinth of rocks and pools. We had tons of fun climbing them and taking in the views of the sea. We then docked in Spanishtown, and we had the opportunity to go ashore and buy food and drinks from local stores and restaurants. Our boat decided to go and get delicious burgers. We then got ice cream and other snacks. After departing from Spanishtown, we went sailing. After successfully raising the sails using what we learned earlier, we learned how to tack and jibe. In addition to this, we learned the points of sail. We then were able to execute these skills as we sailed our boat to Mountain Point. While sitting on the side of the ship, Peter observed some fish swimming in the water. Will had an innovative idea of how to document the aquatic life. Allie was gracious enough to provide her camera for the filming. We attached the camera to the boat hook and then began to film. We got some great footage of the fish. So now we sit here after a great day waiting for some dinner. P.S. “Doven is not a word.”