Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

This morning we woke up around 6:45am in the beautiful Savannah Bay. Last night was very windy so everyone ended up inside the cabin with a good nights sleep. A little Shakira music got us all up and moving. After a breakfast of eggs, cereal and muffins we split into our two groups; Dolphins and Neptunes. My group went on our navigation dive. It was very interesting! While we were learning how to use a compass the Neptunes did the same but on the beach. We met back up for a tuna fish sandwich lunch and then split up once more. My group went on a small hike and learned all about the organisms. We saw while the Neptunes completed their navigation dive. Around 5:30 we all came back to our boat, Mahi Mahi, for a dinner of rice, beans and salad. Everyone is now showering in the ocean and getting ready for the night dive lecture. All is good and everyone has become so comfortable around each other! It’s so fun to learn about the different cultures and lifestyles all of my shipmates come from. We laugh and laugh and laugh. Anyway today was wonderful and I’m sure tomorrow will be just as great!