Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

August 2nd is the day that everyone started to realize how fast the trip was passing by. Waking up at 630am has started to become routine as well as that constant salty feeling and having our daily showers off the back of the boat. Today we woke up to Summertime but had to rush to get ready for the big day ahead of us. Lisa rounded up five of us to come help and learn about bringing the anchor up while David was managing the boat. Gwen was down below, organizing breakfast and trying to wake up the rest of the tired students. The day just started and was already going so fast. The anchor was finally on board, and we were off to the Baths! We soon arrived and were instructed to board the dinghy, Blaze, and then jump in and swim to the beach, which was approximately 100 feet and great exercise. From then on, we explored the island, which was covered in massive rocks. We were able to go rock jumping! Ten am hit, and we found ourselves swimming back to Blaze, who took us back to our boat. The crew quickly motored to Spanish Town, where we ate lunch and were able to check our phones! Shortly after, we headed off to our final destination, Mountain Point, but on the way we students were taught how to do a sail circle, which will be on our final exam. Now the Squeakybrat crew just finished a delicious dinner and discussed our favorite part of the day. Days like today made us realize to stop blinking and take everything in as it comes.