Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today we woke up to the same music. I’m starting to think the soundtrack isn’t going to change. For breakfast, we had oatmeal. From there, we got to go to the Baths, or in other words, a shoreline with a bunch of large boulders that put together a series of small cave systems that our group explored together. The best part of it was the amount of teamwork we put together to climb the rocks and boulders to find an exit. After that, we motored to Spanish Town. Spanish Town pretty much consisted of amazing food and pretty awesome little trinket stores. After our break, we went into full depth about sailing. Today was for sure the first day we really had to step up and take action. For dinner, we had some pretty amazing chili. Good job, chefs! After dinner, we did this activity that consisted of old postcards that we had to relate a trait of ours to that we liked and didn’t like. Overall today was definitely the start of our voyage.