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Today we woke up to One Direction at 6:21 am. It was the best wake up call a dude could ask for. We ate oatmeal while under sail, heading towards Virgin Gorda. Finally, we reached the Baths, and Sam brought us from Mary Mo to shore on a dinghy. We investigated the caves, jumped off the rocks. After spending a good half hour there, we left for Spanish Town. We were there for two hours and ate burgers. After we went to and are currently at the Chimneys on Great Dog Island. The Rescue divers had a training exercise. Then, Wilson, the coconut, went missing, and we had to find him. We found it on Therapy where one of their shipmates was waving it around. We stole their inflatable turtle in retaliation and used it as a trading token to get Wilson back. Then we broke him open and drank the coconut water and ate the fresh coconut. Then we ate dinner, and now I am writing this.