Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

The crew of La Bella Vita split up today. The Questers left in the morning to spend time with school children in Spanishtown, Virgin Gorda. Meanwhile, those diving had two hour shifts during which they were waterskiing, windsurfing and wakeboarding. Faces were slammed against the water but everyone was loving the experience, and most of us stood up! The group reassembled by lunch and continued with the water activities. Our next activity before dinner was our first real shower, where we use the Hibiclens and fresh water. Next, we creatively made a Swedish flag out of balloons to celebrate Name Day and Midsummer for our instructor, Linda! The meal tonight was a deliciously made rice and chili, which we could top with cheese and saltines… thus inciting a group “saltine challenge”. Afterwards we finished the day with a nightly squeeze as the sun settled over Savannah Bay behind the foggy mountainous islands along the horizon. Our second day with the fleet, anchored here in Savannah Bay, was amazing and filled with adventure but tomorrow we head to the Baths, which are sure to offer a great time. Later we will motor to Spanishtown. Can’t wait for tomorrow!