Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today was an amazing and adventurous day filled with many memorable experiences. We started off the morning to some country music and fresh scrambled eggs. The breakfast highlight was the cranberry muffins that we devoured. After we put on our sunscreen, the Neptunes went to the beach and practiced their blind navigation. At that time, the Dolphins were busy learning about what their program entailed, which includes the research project and journaling aquatic animals and plants. The Dolphins then got to practice using a compass on the boat before testing their navigation skills on a dive. Then they had some free time before lunch to swim and work on their workbooks. The Neptunes and Dolphins rejoined for a quick sandwich before separating again for their afternoon activities. The Neptunes left for Mahi Mahi to go on their navigation dive and then had some time to go wakeboarding and waterskiing. The Dolphins went on a short windward-leeward hike on Virgin Gorda and then made their way to the beach and got to swim in the beautiful Caribbean Sea. They were able to interact with Dolphins on other boats before returning to Second Wind to shower. Soon all of the Second Winders were back aboard, and we had a great time swimming and showering before dinner. We finally were clean and dry when the chili and rice were served. It was a great meal to finish off our exciting day. We all can’t wait for another day of adventure, and we are so happy to be living in paradise.