Location: Underway to Saba

Today was our last day with the rest of the fleet until the end of the month. Before we departed to refill on supplies, we got a chance to do some water sports. Christian, Matt, Lydia, and I went wakeboarding while Alex and Marco went waterskiing. It was Christian’s first-ever time wakeboarding. After prepping the boat, we departed the anchor field and motored over to the docks at Spanish Town, where we refilled on diesel and water. We had our last lunch on land in the BVI at the local deli and restaurant. Marco, Alex, Billy, Jane and I went to the ice cream parlor to get some dessert. Later, we all walked over to the grocery store and stocked up on snacks before we left. At 3:30, we departed for our 80 nautical miles sail across the Caribbean Sea to Saba. At around 6:00, we finally crossed over to international waters and were getting closer. We stayed up in 2 watch teams. One team went to sleep for 3 hours, while the other stood watch for 3 hours. Our first night of watch was a success with a few boats, clear skies, and lots of laughter.