Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

At sharply 6:45 am this morning, my eyes opened to bright sunlight. I took a deep breath, got up, and headed to the galley curious to see what was for breakfast. The chefs had prepared a feast of cheesy eggs and melon. We all devoured our food and got ready for the day. The first thing on the agenda for Neptunes was a lesson on navigation. We got in the dinghy and headed to shore. The staff lined us up, draped shirts over our heads, gave us coordinates, and had us navigate around using only a compass.

At around 1 pm, we were back on the dinghy and heading for a navigation dive. We covered ourselves in sunscreen and began setting up our gear. We entered the water and slowly descended to the sand. We ran through some navigation drills as we floated through the water. After a fabulous 40 minutes, we returned to the surface. Shower time rolled around, and we blew up two blow-up animals, Franklin the turtle and Carlton the dolphin. Franklin works as a makeshift raft, while Carlton is almost impossible to jump on top of. He serves no purpose other than as a mascot. For dinner, we inhaled a pot of chili and rice topped with cheese, sour cream, and saltines. It was delicious. Now we’re getting ready for our squeeze and to head over to Mahi Mahi for our night diving lecture.