Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

After waking up early, we quickly had breakfast, which was oatmeal, and sailed over to The Baths. While at the Baths, we explored the caves and crevices to try and find our way to the cliff jumping spot. Everyone quickly faced their fears and took the leap of faith off the cliff. This was usually followed by gut-wrenching screams of joy. After the Baths, we set sail to Mountain Point, the sight of our first-night dive. We snorkeled the area to become familiarize ourselves, and found some interesting animals, like jellyfish. We are all excited to go on our first-night dive of the session, and see what changes when the sun goes down.

Epilogue by Taylor Shedd: The night dive was amazing, and everyone had a great time! Some were nervous for their first-night dive, but afterward, all we have been asked is when the next one is. One group saw an octopus and a slipper lobster, while my group saw a school of about 20 small reef squid and two cuttlefish. Everyone made fun of me for screaming through my reg at the cuttlefish, but they are just so cool! On the surface, I explained how cuttlefish can change color and texture in complete darkness, and scientists don’t fully understand how they do this, especially since cuttlefish are color blind. I made the analogy that cuttlefish are like a lactose-intolerant cheese marker and don’t know their own gift. We are all rewarded with brownies and hot tea that Marina had made while we were diving. It’s no surprise that everyone had a great day and will sleep well tonight.