Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today was such a busy and fun day! We ate a quick breakfast of cereal and fruit before our first rotation at 8. The 4 Carinas had windsurfing first, then waterskiing, and after lunch, they did their first dive of the trip at the sand circles! They all had a blast, and Alex H. was a pro on the skis! The Divemasters were at the dive rotation all day on the beach, and we all learned so much! We all took turns assisting the students in setup, or instructors gave us great tips on teaching! We also completed 3 of the five required skills for our certification. It was 15 minutes of treading water, 400-yard swim timed, and an 800-yard snorkel swim. We are scored 1-5 on all of the skills, and everyone did extremely well, and no one scored less than a three on anything! Today was such an awesome day, and when we finished all rotations, we came back to the boat and took our saltwater showers while practicing our diving jumps. Our cooks made delicious chili and rice, and we all devoured it. We have our first Lifeworks chat tonight, and we all have studying to do when we get back. We are all very excited about the Baths and town time tomorrow!